U.S. Senator Rand Paul likes to tell a story about old-school political operative Tip O’ Neill on the campaign trail. Legend has it Tip returned to a small town in Delaware over a year after his previous visit, and spotted a friendly face in the crowd. “Hey there, Fred! How’s that bad back of yours? ” he asked. “I can’t believe you remembered my back problem, Tip,” the man replied. “But it’s doing a lot better!” continue reading at http://www.whispers-fromabove.com/hexarelin-research-can-protect-pancreas/

An aide took Tip aside and asked how he could possibly have remembered that “Fred” had a bad back. “Aw heck, everybody’s got a back problem,” O’Neill said.

The joke is funny – but to many of us (especially men over 40) it rings too true. Here are 5 strategies to help deal with that nagging back problem that (almost) everybody has.

Wear a Heat Wrap

Instead of popping pills, wear a disposable heat wrap around your lower back. Research studies have shown that people who wear heat wraps have 25 percent less back pain on average than those self-treating with over-the-counter pain drugs. Wraps increase blood flow, help heal tissue damage, and improve mobility.

Chondroitin Sulfate

Bad backs are often caused by arthritis. The compound chondroitin sulfate, known for years as a knee-pain medicine, has been shown in clinical trials to aid back pain sufferers. The medicine works long-term to rebuild damaged tissue and is safe to ingest daily.

Don’t be Afraid of the Gym

Back pain suffers can fall prey to a vicious cycle. Because activity can be painful, they shy away from exercise. That causes further problems. “When you fear and avoid pain, you’re more likely to fear and avoid strengthening and stretching exercises—the very exercises that can help you recover,” says lower-back specialist Steven George.

Try exercising anyway, and going just 10 or 15 percent past your pain threshold to help reduce heft and strengthen your back muscles. If you can walk on a treadmill for 5 minutes before feeling your back tighten in pain, try walking for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. The pain won’t last, and your back will be stronger and less susceptible to daily soreness.

Future Research Possibilities


Peptides are synthetic versions of amino acid chains that occur naturally in the body and have been shown in scientific research studies to help lift energy levels, stimulate metabolism, and increase stamina. Scientific studies on animal research subjects have shown that peptides can help with weight loss, workout recovery, and even improve greater sexual endurance.  These products are still under research studies and they are not yet approved for human consumption by the FDA.

Listen to Soothing Music

Don’t laugh – a recent Austrian medical study concluded that those who listened to relaxing music every day for 3 weeks reported back pain a drastic 40 percent less than the control group.

Music and other relaxing activities draws attention from the pain, and helps reduce stress hormones and muscle tension. Make sure to choose the right album (or movie) and let your mind drift away – your back pain might just drift away with it.

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